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Skip Rosell
April 15, 2008, 11:39 AM
Hi my friends,

Business leads are cash. I would like to show you how to make some money with a program you can run from your computer.

As we all know there is a Pizzeria on just about every corner in the US. That means each owner has a LOT of competition. They are always looking for a way to get to the customer first so they can gain a new lifetime customer.

I did a customer study in my local area back in the sixties where I asked Hotel and Motel guests, what they did after checking into their room. Back in the 1960ís before computers they unpacked and then called the front desk to inquire about where to get some food. Most of the people that were there on business wanted delivery so they could work in their room.

The people that werenít there on business were tired and wanted delivery so they would not have to go out. Not ALL but quite a good percent of them.

I just did another study late last year and the answer was the same except they said the second thing they did after unpacking was to fire up their computer to find a place to have food delivered. Times have not changed that much in 40 years just the method.

Now if you could get a local Pizzeria on the first page of Google (And let the owner see the ad LIVE in real time) when these guests are searching for food you could charge that owner a set fee for each order. The owner would have no risk so it would be an easy sell.

With most advertising the business owner has to pay for a set rate of delivery even if they get no return on that advertising. No advertising is guaranteed. But you can show how with your plan the owner advertises AND then pays only for results.

Once you have set up one of these "pay only for results" programs you can expand by just repeating the process in any city or even in any small town in the country.

I have a free report for you that will show you in detail how to set up a system like this. It is lesson 12 in my leads for cash course but you can have it as a sowpubber without even leaving your email address.

Best of success,


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