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Dien Rice
May 13, 2008, 11:12 PM
The Entrepreneur's Hotsheet is coming back!

Late last year, we had a major crash at Sowpub. One of the casualties was that the software I use to send out the Entrepreneur's Hotsheet stopped working.

I took out my tools (figuratively speaking), and hammered away... Banged my own thumbs a few times (Ouch!). But now... It finally seems to be (mosty) working again! :) (There's still a little bit to do, but the most critical parts are working again now...)

So - this is to let you know that the Entrepreneur's Hotsheet is coming back! I know a lot of people really enjoyed it...

The "new" Entrepreneur's Hotsheet will be just like the "old" Entrepreneur's Hotsheet... Bringing you the best among the various entrepreneurial forum posts, blogs, and online articles...

If you were on the list before, you're still on the list. If you're not sure, it doesn't hurt to try signing up again. (The software will tell you if you are on the list already or not.)

If you don't know what it is - go here! This will help explain it to you... (That's also where to go to get on the list...)


Remember to "confirm" your subscription! (You'll get an email, and you'll need to click the confirmation link in the email.)

The first issue will be sent out next week!

Best wishes :)

Dien Rice

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