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May 21, 2008, 03:00 PM
Just want to say Happy Be A Millionaire Day to you all.

Of course for some on this board this isn't pretend but for the rest of us
play along this is the day you can be as rich as a Saudi Prince.. as rich as Rich Dad... as rich as Heather Mills

Flaunt it baby!

Today is your day to tell everyone you're even richer today
during these bad economic times than you were at the height of
both the internet and real estate boom combined.

Wanna get started?

How about starting by changing your name.

You see today I'm:

Garth "The Picasso of Moneymaking"

and I'm tellin the world today
I'm a millionaire you can too.

Print up some business cards that shows to everyone
in no uncertain terms you're a millionaire.

I feel like a millionaire already.

Anyone else have a millionaire nickname they want to flaunt to the world?

Post here (if allowed) your most creative, outregeous and powerful one.

I'll print some business cards for you with your nickname on it if you want. Send them to all the guru's to announce your place in the millionaire club.

Of course the one with the best COP will get the guru's attention.

Did you know what today was?

Yea I didn't either all I knew it was Tuesday until I read this.

Millionaire Prep School (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/5/prweb954304.htm)

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