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July 6, 2008, 01:41 AM

Thanks for mentioning Rewards.

I am Against subsidizing. As that is... robbing Peter to pay Paul stuff. And in the case of oil, it is stupid to Tax it and then Subsidize it.

As for the High prices in Aust. They are Justified to the Aust public as... that's the price we have to pay to Import the oil. The problem is... we don't Import the oil people fill up their cars with. We make that ourselves. The only oil we Need to import is stuff for Heavy Machinery. Meaning, the Reasoning they use is False - a Lie!

As for... They will sell it to others at that same price... that doesn't wash. Otherwise, we wouldn't be paying the high prices we pay. We'd be paying Low prices as those in some Arab countries pay... and even prices low like in the USA.

I just did a quick price check of oil prices. In Thailand it was 17 baht a litre and went to 30 baht a litre. 30 Baht is like $1A. The USA pays like the equal of $1.10A per litre. But we are paying $1.50 a litre... and down your end of the country it's closer to $1.60 even getting to $1.69 (Why almost a 20 cent price difference between your state and mine - you are Higher and yet the oil rigs everyone knows about are closer to you? Rhetorical question to get you Thinking.)

We all know the price of gas/petrol is a Con. And there is no Real Competition between oil companies - despite so called Watchdog groups and the like, which are PR exercises so it Looks like the Politicians are doing something.

With all the Journalists vying for a Pulitzer, you'd think one or a group would do an Expose on the Con that is the Oil prices we pay. Yet, the media is deathly silent about it.

Geeze, even Lawsy was On-Side with the Govt about them taking our firearms off of us - and he's a firearm owner. We know he got busted for Cash For Comments. Why not Cash For Convincing The Plebs Taking Their Firearms is Good?

Something doesn't smell right to me.

And Don, any time you're feeling like you're not too free... look into the restrictions the English people have placed on them. Man oh man... Engsoc here we come...

BTW... for a person to Visit the USA, they have to submit a Thumb Print at the airport and have their photo taken - in the guise of stopping terrorism (what a crock). But now, the US has added another Barrier to entry... at least 3 days notice before booking a flight.

So that night time phone call and next day plane booking to get to the US to close a business deal, or right a deal going wrong... are a thing of the past. Three days notice to fly to the US or no entry.

Like all such Reasoning... how this Stops terrorism isn't said. It's just claimed to.

Michael Ross

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