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July 2, 2008, 01:57 AM
I'll be sharing a few of my ideas over here because I don't have the time to develop them all. Feel free to run with them if you like them.

Idea # 1: Making Money From Amazon Wishlists Website (http://www.sowpub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=21397)

Idea # 2: Start a video greeting card site.

5-7 years back, greeting card sites were huge. They still are - but don't get as much buzz as before. But you can bring a new twist to it and make a huge splash...

Convert occassion specific poems and songs into videos. Use royalty free videos and music. And create a site where people can email these videos or video links to their friends and family.

You'll probably need 10-12 videos to start with. And you can always offer $20-50 per video to other people... you should get a lot of videos very quickly.

How to make money?

1. Ads

2. Joint ventures with gift vendors

3. Selling coupons and gift cards at the site

4. Possibly selling consumer data to offline direct marketing brokers (don't sell the email addresses)

5. Customizing the videos for more money (you could simply plug in the recepients name... I don't think the technology to do this automatically is available at a low cost though - so it could be a time consuming idea)

But if I was creating the website, I would create it with the intention of selling it to one of the bigger web players.

Idea # 3

Another similar idea is to use videos and take Gordon's offkey singing services idea online. Charge $30-50 or maybe more for a custom offkey video.

And you can actually use Gordon's original marketing idea to promote the offkey singing website too. Find a celebrity's birthdate. Create an offkey video for her. Promote it via social media.

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