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Millard Grubb
July 10, 2008, 09:58 AM

I think you mis-read Bob's post.

He did NOT suggest that you do anything other than see if your local SBA might provide you with referrals.

Big diff between "putting on seminars" and providing you with referrals.



I guess I misunderstood YOUR post. :)

I was referring to the post some guy made thinking I had made a secret product launch.

As to the SBA... In my local area, the SBA relies on the SCORE members.

I had an appointment with the head of the local SCORE program and with the local SBA. When I explained that I wanted to teach business owners how to leverage their assets, improve conversion rates, etc. They BOTH thought it was self-serving of me to suggest these tips because the business owners would THEN want to hire me!

I'm doing another tack with local CPAs and printers to endorse me to their customers and clients.

(Now, if I could just get some outside sales people to promote me to their clients....) GRIN



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