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July 4, 2008, 09:56 PM
In spite of the rants of the far right...and you must be saddened with the news of the death of Jesse Helms...

or of that of the far left, with a candidate that daily gets more like a goldfish on the couch...

OR the musings of the moderates, independents, socialists and even anarchists...

YOU, as an Indiviudal, stilll have enough freedom in the USA to pursure your dreams and make them come true. There is only one thing holding you back and you know what that is.

Take this day to celebrate the freedom you do have and celebrate your right to pursue happiness.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I'd be remiss if I didn't offer up a salute to Lt. Melvin S. "SPENCE" Dry who died on June 5, 1972 in service to his country on a very important covert operation in North Vietnam to assist in POW's that were going to escape from the infamous Hanoi Hilton.

Spence to his friends, Lt. Dry to myself and others, gave the ultimate sacrifice to his country. Here is a link to the story, just this year, Spence Dry got his due:


On July 4th, remember the price that has been paid and is being paid to keep America a free country.

I also have a new blog post at http://www.incomeandhappiness.com/blog

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