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July 6, 2008, 01:24 AM
Kind of worked my way backwards by asking myself what businesses baby boomers WON'T likely start. Then by theory anything not on that list is open game.

Also I don't what "baby boomer" means. Aren't they just middle aged people?

So isn't the question what kinds of businesses are middle aged people more likely to open?

And maybe break down two different lists: Blue Collar middle age and White Collar middle age.

Anyway my stream of thought short list so far:

Convenience stores
Pest Control
Used Car Sales

And so by my own definition this might be an non-business list for white collar folk.

Then I might takeaway a general theme from this exercise as
WCBB's might tend to start a business with some suggestion of cool factor without a blue collar tag to it.

Number one on the list from a stream of thought
process like this might be....

Trendy Restaurants

They can sound cool and hip to start with a non blue collar tag to them.

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