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Millard Grubb
July 13, 2008, 06:32 PM
As many of you know, I am working locally with small businesses via referrals. I think I may have a viable idea to promote a local program and wanted to get the idea out and about.

Most of the chambers here want a person to be a member before you can promote to the other members. However, there is nothing that says I can't use local media or other sources to get to the local business community.

One, I was thinking of having a drawing or selection of one local business that would receive a $5000 business make over which would include an analysis of the business, a plan to increase leads, conversions and customers, etc., etc., etc. This $5000 gift is to promote a local book I just finished specifically geared to local business owners.

Two, I would have a pre=publication offering to the local business owners of the book for a very reduced price with business analysis for a very reduced rate with each pre-publication sale. (The book is done... It will take ONE week to print)

My GOAL: TEN different, non-competing businesses as clients.. These clients will be also be put in a MASTERMIND group with weekly sessions, call-ins, etc.

Any ideas on the promotion side of this?

Does this seem doable?


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