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July 31, 2008, 10:22 AM
I've been increasingly alarmed that we're going thru the seventies...again.
( Who said George Bush is dumb? He's invented time travel! :)

Anyways, why doesn't every body do what they were doing back then, and it
will all work itself out again. (Does this remind anyone else of the movie
Groundhog Day?

Anyways I was thinking the other day that the best way to deal with situations like this is to be invisible to the government. Then I remembered that Jay Alexander used to have a book, Fly Low and Collect the Dough.
I had to wait for the money to get to my paypal account. In the meantime,
IT WAS TAKEN DOWN FROM THE WEBSITE. ARRRGGG. Anyways, a couple of days ago, I decided to take a chance and email Jay to see if there was
anyway I could get it. And, indeed, there was.

I've read it, and I think it was his best book to date, because it makes you
think. It's $!0 and you can get it by emailing him at gjabiz@yahoo.com
and be prepared to spend at least a day thinking about what your situation is
and how to SOLVE it. Then take action.

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