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August 12, 2008, 01:07 PM
My last hoorah can earn you $498.50 on every order you produce.

My sales page is at: http://www.businesslyceum.com/BeAMillionaire.html -- go see for yourself.

"You Can Be A Millionaire In One-Year Or Less!" sells for $997.00

My affiliate page is through PayDotCom.

Sign up at: https://PayDotCom.com/a.page.php?id=11834&u=jimstraw

After you sign up, send me an email ... jfstraw@businesslyceum.com ... with your PayDotCom affiliate link and I will send you an email that I used to get 10% of my entire email list to go to the sales page.

ALSO ... you may use the banner at:


Just put it on your website and link it to your PayDotCom affiliate link.

Hope to be making money with you soon.

Thank you,


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