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August 17, 2008, 12:03 PM
Not a very glamorous way to make a living so far, but it is definitely flying low and collecting some nice dough!

Todd Smith
Arizona Realtor (http://www.homebargainsaz.com)
(and newspaper salesman - for now)


GOOD on you for doing this. Before you get the "tips", a comment or two about your site.

You might want to at least keep your blog up to date monthly, better yet, every two weeks, so people who do come there, see that it isn't doing anything.

Also, on your FEATURED HOMES link, even if you don't have any, you might consider putting up some text that tells people something.

You also may consider the landing page, and give them a little more information about what you do...I wasn't sure from reading this.

Anyhow...on to your current OPPORTUNITY.

SPIDOG, Solve Problems In the Direction Of your Goal.

The great thing about what you are doing is that is a people to people transaction, and that always affords the opportunity to hone your skills.

Your observation skills of how people react to a "salesman". Your sales skills, your converstation skills, how to extract information from people.

The FREE gas card is a big incentive, but, it doesn't work on the majority does it?

What ELSE can you offer up? As you've seen from Internet Marketing, these guys offer up bonus after bonus after bonus.

Here's how I did it for the Akron Beacon Journal:

I would buy 4 papers a day (2 bux)...and cut out every article and ad...and paste them up on heavy board...I wanted to know EXACTLY what was in the paper...do this for 10 days.

USA TODAY became "America's Paper" with only FOUR sections, and with short and sweet stories and lots of graphs, colors, etc.

I see from the AZ Rep web site it is a pretty typical daily...do you have or can you get access to their web site stats? Doesn't really matter, but if you knew what people read, it would help with your pitch.

Here's one I used after cutting out all those articles.

AFTER greeting.

Mam, are you aware that the Beacon Journal last week had over 250.00 in coupons and savings? Now, nobody is going to use them all of course, but if you only used a couple of coupons a week, it would be like getting the paper for free.

Or a variation of that.

A man wearing a Cleveland Sports team cap might hear something like,

Sir, did you know that Beacon Sports writers have won awards covering the browns (team) and they often report the inside stories you won't find on TV or in the Plain Dealer (and I was prepared to back this up, because I cut out the articles)

For me Todd, it was like any other selling situation, I wanted to know my PRODUCT better than anyone else. When I sold consumer electronics, I memorized all the boring specs, not to use them while selling, they came up every once in awhile...but rather to convince myself that I knew more about the product than anyone else on the floor.

I knew the mom towing the two year old behind her wanted the VCR as a "baby sitter" and the guy with the teen kid wearing a Browns jersey, well, they wanted the BIG tv or VCR to record the games, see?

What do people need a newspaper for?

Why will it help the young mother? (Save her time in the kitchen, save her money at the market, how quickly can she get to the information she wants?)

The younger couple may want to know about concert tickets, movies, all things entertainment.

Grandma might want the TV schedule.

Each person you encounter will have their own needs, their own desires and this gives you a chance to HELP each and everyone one of them get what they want by OWNING THEIR OWN COPY OF THE AZR (might want to reread my White Bread post).

Also, while you are in a given neighborhood, take a quick drive around looking for vacant houses, those for sale by owner, or for sale...get a small Flip video camera and take a quick little 3 second video...do this for 15 minutes a day and you'll be EXPERT on a given area.

People stopping at gas stations probably live nearby...if they don't buy a subscription, ask if they have any houses for sale on their street.

Take this opportunity to develop and HONE your people skills, your persuasion skills, and your information gathering skills.

Become the number 1 seller of AZR subscriptions, Parlay your success into the next thing...get one bargain up...then another...and continue on.

This is an excellent stepping stone to success, take full advantage of it.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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