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August 16, 2008, 01:35 AM
Just an update for those who may be interested. I struggled with the lay-off back in April, but had no choice but to pursue self-employment (thank goodness - even if I wanted a normal J.O.B., there is nothing available). I wanted to fall back on Real Estate since I've been licensed for about 3 years.

Thanks for all the encouragement and advice. What I've found is a friend who is a partner with a company selling Arizona Republic subscriptions. I tried giving out free t-shirts at Diamondbacks games with limited success (the hot young girls do very well at the ball park - but not me), but found better success giving away $20 gas cards at gas stations around the valley. Sign up for the newspaper - $17.15 a month, and get a $20 gas card. They pay me $20 for ever subscription I sell (I guess they figure most people will continue receiving the paper for several months, plus they're more concerned about getting numbers so they can sell advertising).

Anyway, I've been averaging about 2 sales per hour. Today I sold 12 in 3 hours ($80 per hour)! I'm pretty sure I can make my old full time salary in half the time, plus have time for Real Estate (I have a deal about to go through and a few more leads in the works)!

Not a very glamorous way to make a living so far, but it is definitely flying low and collecting some nice dough!

I don't know all of the details, but my friend Darin has a great business going here. The paper obviously pays him enough to pay me $20, give a $20 gas card to the customer, AND something extra for him for each subscription he gets (I know he's making some big $$$). Maybe you entrepreneurs in major metro areas can use this idea on your own local papers to make some big money!

Todd Smith
Arizona Realtor (http://www.homebargainsaz.com)
(and newspaper salesman - for now)

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