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September 2, 2008, 03:09 PM

Thanks for rekindling the Subscription Forum model.

I recall something about someone aiming to set up multiple subscription websites which consisted of nothing but a forum. With each website/forum being devoted to a particular video/pc game.

E.g One website/forum for Grand Theft Auto, one for Mario Bros, one for Doom,. etc.

The idea being, those who Subscribe also provide the content - and - gaming help as requested by some of the gamers.

Don't know if it ever Actually took off - or - was a gunna project we were to look out for - or - started but failed.

Interesting you should bring this up too. Because while I was researching particular birds in Australia the other day I was given a link to an airgun (air rifle) forum based in New Zealand. And they were talking how the Australian Magpie is over there as a pest and free to shoot. (Found out, the Australian Bushy Tailed Possum is also there and free to shoot as both are pests - while in Australia both are Protected Species.)

The website www.nzairgunners.com seems to only consist of a forum - multi forum. And a bit of a squiz over the site shows me... there are some people who absolutely Love their airguns and the sport of using them. Like this guy who shared a photo of Some of his airguns...


He has so many airguns he needs to put little tags on them with info on what the airgun is. (Yes, there is life outsite of Cyberland :))

Michael Ross

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