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September 3, 2008, 02:32 AM
I would like to trade the following protected ideas for stock/cash. Send your proposals to: general@eugenekantarovich.com

Make Me Popular - A website where content creators can pay people to click on their content on other sites like YouTube. Clickers can create listings where they are paid once they click on something (view it) a certain number of times. This can be a separate organization that is paid to click on something. It can be combined with a sponsorship site where sponsors can sponsor the content of the content creators. Knowing which content is most popular and paid the least will become very interesting.

Free Corp. - A corporation that performs all of its services for free. All employees get paid only from the issuance of new shares. This company may be called, "No Dividends". People would buy shares to influence where the company's money goes and what it does. This would not be like a non-profit organization because it would not accept donations.

Sleep Radio - An organization that edits regular music so that it can be enjoyed during someone's sleep.

MRP - This will just be a comparison search engine that seeks out and posts all of the prices for products, itself without waiting for the dealers to come to it.

Auto-Exercise Chair - Back of chair sits at an adjustable but always acute or 90 degree angle with the seat of the chair. This automatically exercises the back and stomach muscles of the sitter as they are forced to hold themselves up.

Alcohol Smelling Mechanism - A small cap that has foam that is drenched with alcohol so that a person can sniff it and does not have to taste the bitter alcohol while becoming intoxicated.

Un-Protected Ideas - A website or organization that collects unprotected ideas, so that other people can use them as they please. This business would include the single requirement that anything written on it can be used by anybody at any time. This is different from un-copyrighted material which can't have any monetary affiliation.

Telecorp. - This would be a corporation that promises to stay completely online in all of its activities. Everyone would communicate only through recorded and public content so that all investors, customers, and employees are always on the same page.

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