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September 7, 2008, 11:52 AM
"Paper Placemats" are very hard to get restaurants to use nowadays. They don't like the "handling" of thousands of pieces of paper.

However...I've gone to a "Laminated" mat. A Full Color, 11 x 14 sheet of 67lb Vellum Bristol stock which is then Laminated with 5 mil laminate.

Restaurants like these because they just have to "wipe them off" after each diner. And Advertisers like them because they're in FULL Color.

And...I like them for 3 reasons;
1) They're easier to sell
2) For higher prices than the "paper mats" ($370 per spot instead of $185)
3) I only have to make up twice as many of these as there are seats. (60 seat restaurant = 120 Laminated Mats)

Also...you might consider doing Menus for the restaurant. I can get 20 advertisers @ $390 ea ($8,000) on these.

Or...to start with, you could consider "TV Channel Guides" for Hotel Rooms. I get 1 pizza biz on front and 4 or 5 ads on back.


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