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September 15, 2008, 01:45 PM
Here's an idea I got last week that I'm going to implement. Thought I'd share it with you folks;

In case you haven't been watching the news lately in the Presdential election...John McCain picked a pretty woman from Alaska to be his VP. This woman was a small town Mayor, rides SnowMobiles, Shoots Rifles, goes Moose and Caribou Hunting...and is now the Guvner of the State.

Because of her "Conservative" beliefs (Anti-Abortion. Her 5th child is Downes Syndrom and she and her husband knew before the birth and chose to let the baby LIVE)...the Libs in the country (especially the Women Libs) have lined up against her and are trying to destroy her.

I live in a "rural" community with farms and crops and people with "conservative" values and beliefs. What this woman, SARAH PALIN has done to energize my little community is absolutely amazing.

People who were NOT even going to vote this time, because the 2 candidates for Pres are not appealing to them...ARE NOW ON FIRE...because of THIS ONE Woman.

Some have called it, "The Palin Factor".

Anyway...as I was talking with a few buddies yesterday, I got one of my "Hot Flashes". I said, Hey! Why don't we put a Bumper Sticker on our trucks that say,

..............."I'm Pullin' For Palin!"

The guys thought that was a great idea and would gladly put a bumper sticker with those words on their vehicles. So....I thought...why don't I design a Bumper Sticker and sell them on Ebay and a Website called;


So...I grabbed the domain. Now...I'm having my Graphics gal design a Bumper Sticker and Name Tags and I'll be checking suppliers.

Maybe I can sell a few thousand of these before the election.

Who knows! As I always say, "Ya Never Know Unless Ya Try!"

Food for thought in this beautiful Sept weekend.

Don Alm in "rural "Conservative" America"

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