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October 6, 2008, 12:15 AM
looking forward to the Harvey Brody material.

Thanks for the update.


It is AMAZING how many fortunes have been made and are being made with common, ordinary, mundane household products that most people never give a second thought to.

And of course, the big guys, like Proctor and Gamble, or others, continue to introduce NEW products, spiff up old ones, and leave the bread and butter fortune makers alone (some new shiny box perhaps).

Under every kitchen sink and bathroom and basement in America, you can find products that earned millions of dollars for either the inventor, the marketer or the guy who hooked em up.

One guy, which you'll learn of in the next couple of months, has made over 10 million dollars in the last few years, by simply bringing one winning product (which someone else invented, owned and was selling in small quantities) to a major marketing company and they have sold MILLIONS of dollars of this specialty product.

The FUN part? It is like a "treasure hunt", find an under marketed product, and get started with your first Toll Position...and it doesn't have to be a secret rocket science type project, it could be a simple little kitchen utensil, a bathroom product, something for the yard, garage, or play center.

You won't be disappointed with Harvey is about to reveal.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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