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October 12, 2008, 03:32 AM
Your marketing efforts produce 100 potential customers who CONTACT YOU, saying, "I'm interested, please email and/or call me."

Now -- what do you do? What's your immediate action plan? Do you do as the prospects request (call and/or email them)?

What if you discover they are unreachable and do not respond to any attempts to contact them? Even if your attempts are as inoffensive as, "you called me, and I'm returning your call."

What if ALL 100 are like that? -- year after year

-- TW

PS: Are you saying 100% of the initiative ALWAYS falls on the seller (+ none falls on the buyer), even if the buyer is the one who REQUESTED he/she be contacted by the seller?

As I see it, it's not a sales thing so much as it is a respect thing.

If a prospect ASKS ME TO CONTACT THEM (again, THEY ASKED ME TO CONTACT THEM), and then I DO contact them (email them and/or leave them a voicemail msg -- because they're never in), then they refuse to get back to me -- EVER... then it's a civility issue, imo.

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