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October 18, 2008, 02:58 AM
Damn, damn and double damn.

The Australian Govt is going to turn Big Brother and filter the internet just like China does. Funny how the lefty Aussie leader happens to speak fluent Chinese.

There will be two blacklists. And our Choice is which one of those lists we will have applied to our internet feed (not whether we want to filter through a list or not, but which one).

One list will be for content appropriate for children. The other will be for adults BUT will filter out Illegal Content. And that Illegal Content will be decided by the govt. And can be added to at any time.

If they feel euthanasia is illegal, forget about finding out about it. If they deem info on terrorism is illegal, then whoops, no feed with those words in it. Silencers on firearms are illegal - no info on those. Automatic firearms are illegal to the public... no info on them. X rated stuff is illegal, online, so none of that.

In time... what they deem as Hate Speech could be filtered. After all, it is Illegal.

Some countries already filter Nazi stuff. So forget about researching WWII.

I don't care the feelgood reason behind it - for the children - because once you create a Blacklist of things to filter out, it's easy to add to that list. It's just Big Brother. Another Freedom taken away.

Oh... the Australian mainstream media has said nothing about this, at the moment. Interesting. Another... leak a bit to garner reaction thing?


Michael Ross

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