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October 25, 2008, 02:26 AM
I want to set up a site that basically asks visitors to contribute a chapter of a book I'm compiling. Not really a whole chapter, just a story -- 1-2 pages of 8.5 x 11 pdf.

My site would ask them to contribute their story in the form of those specs. Their story becomes part of the book. Not fiction -- just a story about their business or an anecdote from their life (all on a particular theme). They can include photos, etc.

The visitors/contributors are informed that whatever they submit becomes the my property, etc.

I'm trying to do this in a very high-end, sophisticated way. Ending up with an ebook, yes -- but more of a slick, coffee table style of ebook.

The benefit to the contributors is they would be a featured part of the finished book.

If you know the books called "Rules of Thumb" or even "Storms of Perfection," you know the kind of end result I'm aiming for -- but an ebook, not a real book.

So, here are my questions...

Have you ever done anything like that -- and, if so, how did it go? Was it successful for you?

Also, have you ever seen any other site like that? Can you direct me to a site like that?

Also I'm looking to brainstorm about what the benefits would be to the contributors -- the more angles, the merrier!


-- TW

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