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October 28, 2008, 02:25 AM
Dear Fellow Sowpubbers,

I have been lurking here for many months, and have watched many good ideas get discussed and blossom in to businesses. Now I need your help.

I have always wanted to write and since I am going to have more free time in the very near future, I am going to start writing articles about energy conservation in the home. I am not going to just write about it, I am actually going to perform all these projects on my own house. I believe that this will provide a "hands on" experience that I feel is missing in some projects.

I am working on a "common man" approach to energy savings in the home. I know there is probably a lot written about the subject but I would like to approach it from a slightly different angle and that's where I need your input.

I was considering an ebook with free updates as needed. But then I thought of a different approach. Why not a weekly newsletter that takes one project, breaks it down into simple, easy to do lessons (with pictures). This would be available by subscription only at a fairly modest price ($5-$20 per month per subscription) downloadable for printing as a .pdf file.

Now here is just some of the areas that I need input on:

Should I do text with pictures of the project or should I do text with a link to an online video of "how to" do each project?.

Should this be delivered as an email attachment (like with constant contact) or should it be a link sent to an online storage space on a server?

Should I stay away from affiliate links in the projects or should I just let them go to local hardware or big box stores?

Price Point? Should I charge more or less? or is it about right?

I was also considering a back end of all the projects available on cd for 2 different price points. One for subscribers and one for non subscribers.

I plan on providing people with all the information on where to purchase the items needed for each project and the approximate cost of each project. I know that there will be a lot of deviation in price depending on where you live and shop. I only provide pricing as an approximate so that people could "budget" and know the costs before going into each project

I have a lot of experience in the building and machinery maintenance fields so I have a wide variety of experience to draw from. I also believe I am knowledgeable enough to provide accurate and timely information.

Six to eight times during the projects I will be calling on professional builders plumbers, heating techs, electricians and other specialized people to provide "guest projects" that will have the same type of "do it yourself" help as what I will be providing. (or at least tell them when they can do it themselves and when they should hire a pro)

The other thing that I believe that I have going for me is that I am doing all these projects as I go along. That way if there are pitfalls or problems I can either correct them or warn of them if they cannot be corrected.

I will be working on my own house. This is a much older house that has many problems and challenges that are not provided in new houses but still need to be done. (Main house built late 1800's, last addition put on in 1960's)

Please forgive me for this long post but I wanted to give you as much information as a could so that you folks could really give me some good feedback.

I look forward to see what ideas you all have. If you prefer not to post here and would like to private email me fee free to do so @ whatigot4sale at yahoo.com.

Thank you all very much ahead of time for your time and talents in this project.


Gary Gilman

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