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November 11, 2008, 12:40 PM
The ATTACHMENT below has a picture of the MoneyGrigm. Click it to open in a new window or tab. gjabiz

OF course it is in my signature Cryptic MonoGraph form, but here are the basics:

The FOUNDATION of all commerce is found in the TRANSACTION.

A transaction is when there is an exchange of value. Money is simply a measure of value and it is a MEDIUM of exchange. A medium but certainly not the only one as the MonoGrigm shows you chattels, barter and services all can be exchanged too.

YOU are on the left. There is a veil, a curtain between you and the people with MONEY in their hand ready and willing to EXCHANGE it.

The simple formula for making more money is:

MORE Transactions

You sell more of what you have. You sell to more people. You increase the size of the transaction, you have more and MORE.

Want to make MORE money? Exchange more VALUE.

The pyramid (triangle) represents needs and wants, and the base, the bigger part on the bottom represents NEEDs. As a broadstroke generalization;

NEEDS are survival, staying alive "things".

WANTS are pursuing "happiness". It is well known that needs are often foresaken for wants, ie, there are many who will buy their beer and cigarettes before they pay the rent or mortage.

Even though we NEED a place (shelter) to live, the WANTS will often overpower these basic instincts.

The 3 types of value shown on the MonoGrigm of Money are:

1) Perceived
2) Market
3) Stored

The OTHER on the right hand side could be a person, a corporate entity or even a government. You must get the $ to pass through the curtain from their hands into yours.

The circle around the OTHER represents their own little bubble of preoccupation. It is a self sealing bubble, and once you break or pierce the bubble, it automatically seals itself.

The BRICK in your hand represents how you are going to get their attention to let them know you have something of VALUE they may want or need. The AIDCAS formula shows the steps it often takes once you are inside their head to get them to pass the $ through the curtain.

YOU are either the SUPPLY, or you stand between the SUPPLY (Toll Position) and their DEMAND. You see a lifeline below the other.

A person's needs and wants are often determined by where they are at on their lifeline. New parents have different needs and wants than people entering retirement.

Where they are at on their lifeline represents PRODUCTS or SERVICES you can provide in exchange for the $.

The simple formula is to SELL MORE/Exchange More Value.

Products or services. You can either create or acquire these according to your "Target's" wants and needs.

OK. There you go. Any questions?

The scribbling on the lower right is A. Maslow/www, which is my shorthand for you to look it up online, here is a link to the Wikipedia "pyramid" that Maslow is credited with: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs

Gordon Jay Alexander

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