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November 15, 2008, 11:43 AM
Chicken Little got the whole barnyard in a frantic state of panic when he declared, "The Sky is Falling! -- The Sky is Falling!"

Today, the news media, talk-show hosts, and pundits (both Conservative & Liberal) are shouting at the top of their lungs, "The Sky is Falling! -- The Sky is Falling!" feeding a frantic state of panic in the general population -- BUT ...

I've made money under Republicans and Democrats; Liberals and Conservatives ... from Eisenhower to George W. -- Good times and bad ... through times of high inflation, recessions, and depressions. -- I'm sure I'll still make money under Obama.

The wisest words ever spoken were, "This too shall pass."

Unfortunately, most people believe that whatever is happening today will be happening forever. -- My ol'friend, Howard Ruff, wrote a book back in the late 1970s extrapolating the then high inflation rate into the year 2010 ... it was a best seller - but - the high inflation rates, too, passed.

Keep your eyes on tomorrow. You will live through today - and - tomorrow will be what you make it; not what it is today.


P.S. -- All ya gotta do is "Be Prepared."


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