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November 19, 2008, 11:00 AM

OH, the new administration is going to "lower taxes" for the majority, or so it says. But what about your city tax, county tax, state taxes? Huh?

Ohio is desperate for money. The 88 counties are collectively in the poor house. Cities are crumbling from ancient infrastructure, here in Akron, we have a mayor that wants to lease our sewer system (I kid you not).

Bottom line is YOU are going to get more taxation from every level of government, but here's one that "takes the cake".

A TAX on your CASH.

Sounds absurd doesn't it. Consider this. Such esteemed economists as John Keynes and Silvio Gesell think (or thought) it was a good idea, but in their day, not practical. The times (in my best Dylan twang) they are a changing.

See, the technology exists, and some think this recent round of printing the NEW money was a test, the technology exists to embed a "tracking" device via a small magnetic strip, into currency.

A high officer of the Federal Reserve Bank, Mr. Marvin Goodfriend, even wrote a highly circulated White Paper on the need for and the how to to have a "Carry Tax", and what happens is your currency becomes devalued the longer you hold onto it.

You start with a 20 dollar bill, but if you don't circulate for a given period of time, it becomes worth 19, then 17, then 10. The longer you hold it, the less value it becomes.

Now I know all this sounds a little Sci-Fi and "far out", but there has been a Carry Tax avaiable on BANKS that hold on to money and don't circulate it, and some legislators are looking into this because OUR bailout money appears to be sitting in some vaults and is NOT being put into circulation. Oh well, it's only a few hundred BILLION dollars.

So, now, again...and this time with more effort than ever, there is a groundswell of let's TAX all commerce done on the INTERNET. If you sell products, you probably already collect and pay your state's sales taxes, right?

BUT, now there could come a TAX on CASH, even before they get the new traceable currency into our hands (and there has been a quiet but well funded movement on behalf of Wall Street Bankers to eliminate CASH altogether, to make us a cashless society).

Could happen in your lifetime. Now there is some suggestion that we TAX all personal property and the transfer of personal property...in other words, every AD placed in a newspaper, or on Craigslist or eBay for example with an offer to sell something, MAY have a tax added to it, and every bed sold at a garage sale, every golf club traded at the course may become subject to TAXATION.

OK. Ok, let's get out of the Tax the CASH mode for now, because right now, right this moment, CASH is KING. And if you have CASH in your hands, you have the opportunity to get in on some of the greatest bargains in consumer history.

There have been estimates that several BILLION dollars of CASH exchange hands every day on Main St. USA when people BUY AND SELL their stuff. Or when they buy and sell the stuff of others.

This isn't just the little things at a garage sale or yard sale, Next week, here in Akron, there will be an AUCTION for machine shop equipment, some of it valued into the tens of thousands of dollars, and there will be bargain hunters (I'll be there) looking to FLIP some of this corporate Chattel for huge CASH profits (I'm taking my own advice and making hay while the sun shines)...and during these stressful times, it is a GOOD thing to have CASH in your pocket.

Those of you that have the Jim Straw Millionaire's course through my affiliate need to CONTACT ME ASAP, because there are some tremendous opportunitites doing exactly what Jim outlines in the course, so contact me already, will ya?

The rest of you might want to start ACTING on ways to build up your cash reserves today, and to do it at breakneck speed. Recently I've been experimenting with LOCAL businesses, asking for (and GETTING) a CASH discount on everything from pizzas to electronics, and the thing is, even Mom and Pop want to have more cash in their hands, so if they don't have to PAY for taking and processing credit, their little eyes practically dance at the sight of your cold hard cash.


So, Got CASH?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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