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November 19, 2008, 11:59 PM

Anybody here eat out at restaurants?

You probly noticed that the price is going up.
The amount of food you get has dropped.
AND the level of service has fallen too.

I'd LOVE to hear about any "Strategems" others have for getting MORE FOOD, OR Better Service OR Lower Prices.

What happened today is why I'm writing this.

I always carry Candy in my pockets.

So Today at the Restaurant when I got the Cashiers Name.


I asked if she had a FAVORITE candy. Then handed her a chocolate.

When no hostess came to seat my Dad and me.

Gwen came out from inside the office. Keeping a line of people waiting. Escorted us in and seated us.

ALL Because of a Chunk of Chocolate!

When our waitress showed up. We ordered.

And again I asked about her Favorite dessert. And gave her a Chocolate.

2 or 3 pieces actually.

We both got 3 FREE Refills of apple juice. Water. Plus refills of other items - without us asking.

And when I asked for help. Because my rice wasn't cooked.

Even though I'd eaten everything on the plate EXCEPT the rice. Jill replaced the Fish, veggies, baked potato THE WORKS. The ENTIRE MEAL.

So I got 2 meals for the price of one.

ALL BECAUSE I GAVE JILL 3 Pieces of Chocolate. And used her name a lot.

I thought this next bit was Humorous. (Hope you agree.)

This is where Dad Mis-calculated.

He told the waitress that TEN YEARS AGO he'd gotten some Uncooked Turkey, cold stuffing and tough as leather ham. Asked her to tell her boss to Improve it this year.

I told Dad it probly wasn't WISE to criticize the POWERFUL Person bringing him his food. But he was on a roll.


You should have seen our Desserts.

I had so Much IceCream it was running over the sides of the bowl.

Dad got a the same size bowl.


But Jill had put a styro-foam cup in the center of the bowl. A very small cup too. Put about 4 bites of icecream in there for him.

He Ruefully agreed that "Perhaps" he should have shared his Opinion AFTER he'd eaten dessert.

Jill was trying to Tell him something.

Don't you think?

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - ANYWAY - Here's something FUN you can play with in a Restaurant or to boost your sales... One of my NEW E-bay Auctions is for an E-book, "The Eyeball Energy Laser".


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