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November 22, 2008, 09:27 PM
What people don't realize is, their entire livelihood (+ therefore, LIFE) depends on ACTIVE marketing messages reaching their intended audience(s).

The marketEEs (consumers and anyone else who is marketed TO) think (incorrectly) that they will behave in exactly the same way, with or without active marketing/advertising. That is, they believe they are not influenced at all by incoming marketing messages. They believe (again, incorrectly) that they would buy, or not buy, in the exact same way if all the active marketing messages would just disappear. They believe THEY themselves are who determines what they buy or do not buy.

Total rubbish -- as any marketER who has gladly paid $50,000 for a more 'effective' sales letter, knows.

By applauding a mail carrier who dumped tons of 'junk mail,' marketEEs are actually applauding the disruption of an utterly VITAL cog in the machine that puts food on THEIR table(s)!

The same total ignorance of Economics 101 that causes those same marketEEs not to see the harm in things like (the original) napster.

Complete ignorance of the total picture.

-- TW

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