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Sandi Bowman
November 25, 2008, 07:50 AM
First a disclaimer: I know that language differs from one culture to another and ordinarily have no problem with that fact. Here's the exception:

When one is producing a product for others around the world to use as their own it might be useful if that product reflected standard (as in general worldwide) usage in the language instead of local shortcuts. An example that came in the email today is that of 'spelt' versus 'spelled'. Most Americans (and some others) would not use the term spelt for spelled. Spelt is a food product in the USA so some of their readers wouldn't know what was meant by it if used in another context.

It might be wise, when trying to appeal to a broader audience, to consider how language might affect the appeal of your product to them. A small thing but, if I were looking for a non-PLR product that was to be represented as 'mine', I would not be inclined to purchase said product if the language would confuse my readers.

Sandi Bowman

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