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December 1, 2008, 11:53 AM
Hey Tim....when the "Magnetic Sheets" first showed up in office supply stores a few years ago....I thought a Photo of the House on it would make a Great Gift from the realtor that sold it.

These can be printed in full color with an Inkjet Printer. (It has to be a "Cold" printer)

I made up a few samples and went to local RE offices, offering them to agents for $35 each. Each agent already has a photo of the house they use in their ads so all they had to do was email me a jpeg.

Mine was 8 1/2 by 11 with 2 1/2" at the top for the agent info AND agent's photo....then a 5 x 7 photo of the house and below that a list of Important Phone Nos for referrence and at the bottom a 1 year Calendar (6 mos across and 2 down)

I then decided to remove the Calendar and started placing ads of businesses interested in reaching home owners, around the edges and across the bottom.

Nowadays, because home sales are half of what they were...I provide these to agents at NO charge and the ads provide a good income.

And...the agents LOVE these. They used to give a bottle of wine or a house plant but....when homebuyers see their own home in FULL Color...on a Fridge Magnet....they REALLY appreciate receiving it and....it goes up on the fridge where it will STAY (except for the stainless steel fridges, which I have to do some modifying)

The advertisers also LOVE these because they are getting constant exposure not only from the people IN the house but any visitors also see the Magnet with it's Advertisers, giving them more exposure.

I also provide these Fridge Mags to Car Dealers. I put a Photo of the Car Buyer standing in front of their new purchase. Someone at the dealeship takes the photos at time of delivery and emails it to me. I print out the mag on our inkjet and send back to the dealer in a striking "Gift" envelope.

Dealers LOVE these because their Name & Logo is at top and will be seen by every person entering the kitchen....giving them "Referrals"...which is why they pay me for these.

And...if they don't want to pay for my Magnets...I offer them Free. The ads of businesses wanting to reach Car Buyers....more than compensate for the dealer.

Don Alm

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