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View Full Version : The BS of "Recession Proof" businesses...and a note on STUPID people...

December 6, 2008, 11:06 AM
First STUPID people...like ME.

I bought software from COSMI, which didn't have the template it showed on the cover and detailed inside...once bitten, twice shy...NO more COSMI software for me.

TWO. I'm hot into developing a specialty product which will help millions of people (those that have been around know of my health issues, and finally, I've been able to create what didn't exist)...anyhoo..

I was so hot on this specialty item, I googled it, and went with the CHEAPEST seller...which is OK if they are a known seller...this case it was a company called METRO SALES (some scumbag in Brooklyn who is ripping people off...any Brooklynites want to investigate?)

It looked legit and in my HEAT for WANTING the product NOW...I pushed the submit button and sent them the 50 bux. Well, there is no such company and I'll never get the product. But I'm more PIZZED off about the time I lost. Had I had gone to Amazon and paid a few bucks more, I would have had my device and been perfecting it by now. That is just plain STUPID...and since I hate stoopid people...

I hate me.

OK. Enough self-loathing, I've learned a couple of lessons, see an old dog can learn a new trick now and then.

The time is ripe for all the RECESSION PROOF Biz-Ops to come crawling out from the rocks...and it is going to be easy pickens for many of them because when people lose their jobs and the economy turns south, people get desperate and fall for the hype.

I've just completed two weeks of researching the "Recession Proof Business" (you can google that, go ten deep, google anything about recession and go 10 pages deep and you too will learn what I did, which is:)...

There is so much BS online right now about Recession Proof Businesses that I advise you put your waders on, put on the armor of a skeptic and be very careful about what you read regarding Recession Proof Business Opportunities.

YES, it is a good time, NO, a great time to start or expand a recession proof, or a better term probably is recession accelerated business, because some just take off.

I'll be posting the results of my research here either later today or tomorrow and make comments on what really works here and at the incomeandhappines.com BLOG.

Gordon J. Alexander (Mr. Stoopidoo this past week)

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