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December 16, 2008, 10:50 PM
There are a number of people who don't try to be intimidating.
They come off as very smart, but quite regular guys and gals.
When I attended Dan Kennedy's Super Conference earlier this
year, Bill Glazer (who's certainly no slouch) poured out a wealth
of information (which I've yet to harness well), and he came off
as one heck of a nice guy (person or persona, I don't know).

Even Dan Kennedy, who I've heard can be gruff, but have
never seen it, comes off as a nice guy. I think what he aims
to do, and he succeeds masterfully, is to speak straight
to you, let you know his viewpoint, but doesn't much care
if you agree or like what he has to say.

Others IM celebrities along this line: John Delavera, Yanik
Silver, Frank Kern and Michel Fortin, Lynn Terry, and Lee
Milteer. Heck, even though John Carlton comes off as
gruff, I get the feeling that he's got a heart of gold.

I think that the "gruff guy" is a caricature of the "no-nonsense"
guy. The no-nonsense guys and gals can be nice folks at the same
time. Maybe there's a place for such caricatures, but by and
large, the real leaders in this business don't seem to act that


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