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January 1, 2009, 10:33 AM
A new year. An exciting year.

Although my crystal ball shows dire conditions for the masses, as always it shows incredible opportunity for the individual.

Last year was a year of study, research and testing for me. 2009 is poised to be a productive and prosperous year as a result of the groundwork that has been done.

I have several exciting projects ready to be rolled out in the coming months. From the basement workshop I'll introduce a new game, a game that has considerable licensing potential. AND a new kitchen appliance that will make George Foreman punching himself in the face while saying, "Why didn't I think of that."

Along with the kitchen appliance comes the many new recipes and a healthier lifestyle for those seeking an easy and affordable way to eat the "perfect foods".

Today, a NEW concept is being launched, you'll hear about it shortly from one of the Old Masters and it has tremendous money-making and money-saving potential for those who choose to participate.

In April we'll be officially launching the Suarez Business Institute which has a real life tested and proven curriculum for success.

I've worked with several people the past year exploring "Toll Position" situations, working with inventors and "finders" and perfecting the information that will be made available in 2009.

Recently, I've had the oppotunity to visit with some OLD established businesses that are being sold, downsized or going out of business. There is TREMENDOUS opportunity for a dedicated Entrepreneur to come across "TAKE OVER" deals for no money out of pocket and stoke the fires to get the profits rolling in.

2009 will see more bankrupticies than ever, and in many niches the competition will thin and allow for the strong to prosper even more.

It will continue to be a BUYER'S market across the board, in Real Estate, businesses, stocks and chattel

Help the masses save money, make money or preserve their lifestyles and you won't even notice the recession.

Help the masses lose weight, look younger, feel better, stay healthy and/or cure their aches and pains and you too won't feel the sting of the recession.

Help the wealthy maintain their lifestyle, offer exclusive services and products and you won't get wet during this economic storm.

2009 presents opportunity to those who want it. Keep your health, or dedicate yourself to getting and staying healthy, help your family and friends navigate the rough waters and build your business to new heights and rise above the storm clouds to the sunny skies.

2009 is HERE. YEA. YEA. YEA.

Gordon Jay Alexander

"Doubt is the shadow of your fear.
Confidence is the reflection of your experience.
ACTION is the revelation of your faith."

May you act confidently and fearlessly in the direction of your goals.

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