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Dien Rice
January 9, 2009, 08:57 PM
Gotta love the niche opportunities in Today's world... ;)


Hi Phil,

Wow... Wacky!

On one hand, I guess guys used to wear hose all the time... All you gotta do is watch one of those "Robin Hood" movies for some "Hollywoodized" historical proof! :)

On the other hand... I don't see it catching on. But you never know... It always pays to keep your eyes peeled to the trends (especially if it could affect your target market).

What's next? Pantyhose for pets? Maybe one of us can be the first to get that one going! :)

They already have "pet socks"... So we're only one step away!

http://www.trixieandpeanut.com/product_images/fileyaUT6.jpg.image.jpg (http://www.trixieandpeanut.com/product-45588-Pet-Socks)

(The pic is a clickable link.)

Thanks Phil!

- Dien

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