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January 14, 2009, 03:00 PM
Some of those retailers need to get out a bit and Study and eat at those cafes & restaurants where Many offer those two shot cappucinos, can I supper size those margaritas, can I bring you that appetizer now and will that be sauted mushrooms and onions with your 10 oz sirloin... :)

Although, more and more retailers these days are atleast Starting to collect those email address details from customers for a little Pre-selling... Upselling and Future add on's...

If you get a chance to frequent a few of those Smart well Marketed eating Experiences...

Listen and Carefully look around a little, even in the kitchen as you can definitely Learn a thing or two to take home and re-apply into your own business models...

As I've mentioned before Even if you're Not a Retailer...

You can Never have Too many Marketing and business ideas...

Here's the guy retailers need to seriously Listen to... Great Free tips and an Excellent resource "The 5000 BEST Sale & Promotional Names & Ideas Ever Compiled"

Rick Segel is "The Retail Expert" and wants you to become one too. Let's go shopping!



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