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February 13, 2009, 07:50 PM
The market is very good right now for low-cost products. In my own business, the online sales are doing well because I'm selling inexpensive products and services. I'm not really an online Guru, though. I'm more of an offline Guru. I'm using the term "Guru" in a good way. You know... sort of like "Good Cop, Bad Cop." Guru's are supposed to know their subject matter inside out.

In the offline world, things are ROCKY to say the least. Most of my clients have large overheads and they released many employees and have cut back on a lot of services. They hire me to create publicity for their products, services and events. Many of my clients are in the media themselves, so it's always interesting! ;) Right now, there's a domino effect happening that's caused a slow down right across the boards.

For me, selling eBooks and software products online is a nice break from the pressures connected with the offline, face-to-face world of hardball marketing. The stress level there can be off the charts at times.

When it comes to the online world... if you're marketing high dollar guru products, it's better to add lower priced items to your menu than it is to take a "fire-sale" approach with the high-dollar products.

I would encourage anyone, though, to get started selling their products and services online - immediately. Especially if you're just getting started. I'm getting more feedback and more mail today than I did when things were really taking off in my own business back in 1998. I believe that's because people are looking for real, cost-effective solutions in today's economy. That's the name of the game in 2009.

Several Guru's I've done work for in the past HAVE TO rely upon seminars to generate 80% of their income. Their business models are designed that way. So yes, they have some problems on their hands. Others I know in the print media advertising world - they have even bigger problems on their hands. Those who are better diversified right now - in terms of products and services, they will have a much easier time than others will.

By the way, I found this board originally through one of Jim Straw's posts. I'm on his advisory board for the AABPE.com site. He sells very well-written information products. I especially enjoy his one on Mail Order.

Take care, everyone.


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