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February 14, 2009, 02:50 PM
I would write a media release and send it to the local press in your city/state, etc. announcing the book, what it does, and who has already benefited from the information contained inside. That could very easily land you an interview for either, radio, TV or newspapers (sometimes all the above).

Then I would do a national media release letting the national editors know that you’ve been interview by the “ABC Times” or you were a guest on WKRP in Cincinnati, etc.

That’s how you can roll out a product like that. Don’t rely upon Internet Avenues. Go to the offline sacred cow media types first, then, let them filter your information through the online pipeline.

Publishing companies blitz a variety of media editors first with the product, then the editors blitz the public. Doing the reverse is a lot of work and unnecessary. Load your product into the biggest cannon at your disposal and light the fuse.

As far as your “Hit-The-Ball” teaching style goes – embrace it with open arms. What comes naturally to you will saturate your writing style with your own legitimate enthusiasm, insight and vision and will go a long, long way in creating the desired end results. If the book isn’t targeted at the general masses, you don’t have to worry about “speaking their language.” There will be people who thrive on your style as is the case with every style (casual, witty, folksy, technical, spiritual, etc.). The people who connect with your Hit-The-Ball style are the people who will produce the type of results this book is geared towards producing. It’s the “finding your own voice” side of being a Guru, Wizard or How-To teacher. (Melvin Powers and Charles Atlas are examples of legitmate, good Wizards in their niche).

The rest of the crowd will be on to the next book/opportunity/ etc., within 30 days, anyway, so like you were saying, there’s no need to worry about them. The ones that connect with you, though, will REALLY connect with you.

I wasn’t really sure what you meant about people contacting you? Was this going to be a membership site? I would just get the book out there along with the contact information for the media and watch the process work to see where it leads to. You could have a gold mine you’re sitting on. Who knows? Either way – you don’t want to leave it on the backburner for too long.

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