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January 28, 2009, 10:26 AM
What's the economic outlook in YOUR area? The same? Different?

---- Hugh

First, good advice L.B. Jenkins. When "hiring" help today, keep CYA in your mind. AND, in this economy, we can be picky and choose the best candidates out there...if we stay sharp.

I too ran an ad on Craigslist yesterday:

and I was OVERWHELMED with response. After eliminating all the spammers, overseas and out of state respondents, I still had over 20 LOCAL people to choose from to create a simple web site.

I spent about an hour responding...and narrowed it down to 3...then I posted an UPDATE on my craigslist ad (I ran one in the help wanted and one in the computer services) here's my updated one:


Now to answer the question

What's the economic outlook in YOUR area? The same? Different?

For the masses, the Akron Beacon Journal story TODAY shows:

"Summit unemployment at highest level since 1993
Rate jumps to 7.4 percent in December, from 6.4 percent in November "

So for many local residents, the "storm" I've been writing about for the last year has HIT. And most were/are totally unprepared.

So...FINALLY, after talking and discussing it here for, what?, decades?...at least for years...the Training Center will be open for business in February.

Jobs. Businesses. Dang Money. With a twist.

The new training facility will have an 80/20 focus. 80% of our time will be spent helping people to either FIND JOBS, start a business, or just make some dang money...and the other 20% of our time will be on LIFESTYLES/FUN things in life...where we offer "classes" in such far ranging areas of life like:

Sewing, cooking, auto work, needlepoint, soap making, crafting...and all kinds of HOW TO type classes...following the model I designed almost a decade ago.

By using Independent Contractors and Guerrilla Marketing techniques, we'll be busy from DAY one when we open the doors.

I perceive it to be a great time to be in the "helping others find jobs" type of business and also to provide some "Edutainment"...keeping the balance between WORK and FUN in check.

AND, it appears, I can pick and choose from a very large pool of people who have suddenly been slammed by the "Ecomonic Storm" that has hit our area full blast.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I'll give some details of the "Training Center" in the first few issues of the SEEDZINE. Sign up today. www.seedzine.com (http://www.seedzine.com)

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