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February 21, 2009, 11:05 AM

I've been reading "YES-50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive".

I really like the way the book uses Case Studies.

You get the Details that let's you Apply a new idea for yourself.


Here's an idea I've been using in my Copywriting. But intend to STEP UP and use differently after reading this.

Restaurants give away Chocolate Mints BACKWARDS.

Turns out if they gave a mint BEFORE the meal. Tips go up 3%

Let's back up a bit.

#1 - In tests Waitresses who gave customers 1 mint got a 3% jump in tips.

#2 - Waitresses who gave 2 mints got a 14% jump in their tips.

#3 - Waitresses who gave 1 mint at the end of the meal. Left. Came back and handed patrons a 2nd Mint - got a 23% JUMP in their tips.

SALES Ideas:

I - In a retail situation If You SURPRISE the prospect
BEFORE the sale.
During the sale.
With a BONUS after the sale.

Maybe the 23% will get multiplied by 3 - to 69% more purchases.
WORTH a Test.

II - In a Face to face sales situation I often break the ice by asking the prospect to Give me their OPINION
on something I'm working on. It could be -
which of these 2 chocolates do you LIKE BEST.

NOW... I think it might be good to Test a surprise
Before The Appointment. A 2nd Gift during the appt.
And a Thank you Surprise Afterwards.

III - In my most successful sales letters -
I've put Silly Poems at odd places.
Cartoons and photos as GRABBERS.
Bullet points ABOVE the headline.

Now that we know WHY these kinds of Surprises work -
It behooves us to do more of that...

(Sorry 'bout that. I've not used the word "behooves" in so long. Couldn't resist.)


P.S. - Here's an Example: "The EyeBall Energy Laser" -


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