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Richard Dennis
March 4, 2009, 12:48 PM
I recently did an audio training titled “How You Can Make Google Drool”, on how to use Latent Semantic Indexing. I then used the techniques on the audiotape to create 20 articles to post at EzineArticles.com. A Google search for the article titles gives the following results:

1. Social Bookmarking Profit Plan
Google #1 of 314,000 Results

2. Social Bookmarking Money Lessons
#1 of 282,000 Results

3. Promote Your Website Lesson
#1 of 332,000 Results

4. Multi-Level Marketing Advertising Strategy
#1 of 309,000 Results

5. Network Marketing Business Builder System
#3 of 16,800,000 Results

6. Profitable Internet Writing System
#1 of 220,000 Results

7. Branding Marketing Methods
#1 of 7,740,000 Results

8. New Blog Marketing Plan
#4 of 18,000,000 Results

9. System to Attract Targeted MLM Prospects
#1 of 65,000 Results

10. Website Promotion Income Tips
#1 of 259,000 Results

11. Profitable Brand Marketing Model
#1 of 308,000 Results

12. Profitable Website Income Model
#1 of 284,000 Results

13. Branding Promotion Methods
Not ranked in 1st 3 pages of Google results

14. Free Blog Marketing Ideas
Not ranked in 1st 3 pages of Google results

15. Blog Marketing Profit Lesson
#2 of 254,000 Results

16. Blog Internet Marketing Profit Plan
#1 of 819,000 Results

17. Website Traffic Promotion System
#1 of 406,000 results

18. Branding Promotion Model
#1 of 313,000 results

19. Network Marketing Profit Products
#1 of 2,190,000 results

20. Recruit and Sponsor
#2 of 2,940,000 results

Makes me wonder how I screwed up on #s 13 & 14. Oh, well …

All these rankings were achieved within 72 hours of posting the articles.

If you'd like a free copy of the 60-minute audio training, you can opt-in to get it at Net Traffic Machine (http://nettrafficmachine.com/). Hope you find it useful.

Richard Dennis

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