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March 6, 2009, 07:00 PM
The riots will be in Early Aug. Probably start in LA. We'll see.

Maurading gangs take to the streets this summer as I forecast over a year ago.

POACHING will become headline news. Not just fish and game, but other resources like WOOD and electricity.

But I'll start with the fish and game. Poaching already exists, but most hunters and fisherman obey the rules and limit their take to the "limit". The poachers don't care about limits, and they will find ever increasing markets for the fish and wildlife they harvest illegally.

Farms will come under attack by poachers too. Watch for stories about missing cows, sheep and maybe even some missing chickens too.

Orchards, vineyards and dirt farms will be infestated with poachers who will hold "midnight" harvests and will be gone by morning...it will be known as "Swarming".

Fish will begin to be harder to catch, and it will be a smaller fish too. Instead of sport fishing, there will be NET fishing that will take out tons of fish, again by poachers who have no respect for either law or nature. It is all about making a buck.

Along with Poaching being in the headlines, there will be a dramatic increase in ARMED robbery, and many tourists attractions will find the pickpockets and con artists are out in force. The gun will become the ATM card for untold hoardes of thugs.

Burglary, often BRAZEN, and more smash and grab type will also be discussed on the TV news, if there are any Newspapers left standing by Sept, they will have a radical difference, resembling AD rags and tabloids.

These are trends that have been coming, the economy has only quickened the way things are going to be.

If you have a lot of wood for your fireplace, you might want to keep a close eye on it. And if you have harvests of anykind, now is the time to be super vigilant.

2009. Headline News. It ain't gonna be pretty.

Gordon Alexander

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