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Sandi Bowman
March 15, 2009, 07:40 PM
In the face of all the abuses and bad decisions that have plagued our lives due to some of these CEO's and other corporate leaders, there's one question that hasn't been asked...and should be. Why aren't these idiots at the helm of many of these bad bet outfits out of jobs, standing in lines to get a chance at another job, doing without like the folks they ripped off with their horrid advice?

It seems if you have enough chutzpah to spit on the hand that feeds you that you can get away with, literally, murder. Think I'm kidding? How many people, families, etc have you seen in the news lately that take their lives over all their losses and often times innocent others as well?

I say we ought not to give a dime until those responsible are O-U-T of control of anything and everything to do with their former jobs/positions/etc. No bonuses, no severance pay...nothing but the door. Period!

Sandi Bowman

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