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March 16, 2009, 02:29 AM
Hey Everyone!

How is everyone? Great I hope and healthy & prosperous too.

It has been awhile since I was last here and I started thinking about where I first met many of you.

It was the "Marketing Forum".

Some of you like Dien Rice, Gordon Alexander, Michael Ross, Dennis Bevers, Jim Straw, Don Alm, Jason Hatchett, Vondre' Whaley, Ron Ruiz and others from that era I have seen here over the years on SowPub.

This made me stop to think of some of the other's that I have not heard from or about in a few years.

Does anyone know whatever happened to Mike Rodman? The last I heard was when he put "Gone to play for the Summer!" on the Marketing Forum and then he was gone.

Also ... has anyone heard from Brent "The Winner" Whinfield, Boyd Stone, or Andy Frain?

I had heard Brent had some health problems at one time and I haven't heard from him since.

Martin Buckley I spoke to not long ago and he had moved away from the Internet life for a while.

If I am not mistaken Rooster would stop in from time-to-time.

I know as in other areas of life we all move on and sometimes in different directions to pursue other interests. I was just curious if anyone had any knowledge of what has been going on with Mike, Brent, Boyd & Andy since it has been so long since I've heard anything.

As for me, well I have gone through a few changes as well but I still enjoy working with local business owners helping them find their marketing and advertising solutions.

Talk with you soon.

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