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View Full Version : The amazing secrets of hypnosis. How Fran Renner got me started on my paranormal

March 18, 2009, 11:11 AM

1965. Early in the new school year. I had a dentist appointment and I dreaded going to see that NAZI SOB, who made his money by not using any novacaine...anyhow...

Fran Renner was a hypnotherapist and her office was across the hall from my dentist. She saw that I was pacing and invited me in and helped me to relax (by hypnotizing me) for my dentist appointment. After the dentist was done, Fran and I talked about hypnosis and she sent me away with a couple of borrowed books on the subject, which I found fascinating.

Most of her reading material was pretty dry stuff, she being a PROFESSIONAL, a lot of clinical studies and all...but she did have this wonderful collection of "off beat", ancedotal-loaded, pseudo-science stuff too, like James T. Magnan's The Secret of Perfect Living, which introduced me to "Switchwords" and other magikal concepts.

I spent my high school years studying human behavior, since our school had about 3,000 students in the 3 grades, I didn't lack for subject matter and more than enough "off beat" types to study too.

Fran introduced me to hypnosis, which to me, opened up new ways of understanding the complexity of our minds. It was much more useful to me than the disecting of a frog (although, I'm glad those on a doctor track took the time to learn how to cut frogs up )...

I wanted to know what made people tick. And for the next 3 years I stumbled my way through some pretty slick "tests" of my hypnotic/persuasive skills. Some of them I'll share (and already have, like the MALL tests).

Yesterday I gave you the take away bit about Perception and Presentation. Today I offer you this:

We live (in the masses) mostly in our mind.

The highs, lows, hurts and kindnesses we feel are a result of how we process the sensory input. What hypnosis taught me that I want to share is this:

We have FAR more control over our life than the average person believes.

Of course, the visitors to this forum know that. AND, as we've seen by recent posts on HEALTH, there are some things that outside the realm of our control.

This is clearly represented on the Square One Workshops. Which will come into my posts as I wrap up my time on the Net.

SO, from 1959 to 1965 I was immersed in the study of SALESMANSHIP and certain "spiritual" phenomenon and from 1965 through 1975, I was fully involved in mind development and all things PARANORMAL. Since I had flow at 9, and was "healed", these events colored my studies.

I'll share with you some of the more "relevant" and useful results of these studies, including me being labeled "LUCKY ALEX" because I started winning contests and drawings.

Presentation and Perception.
Control of our thoughts.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I know YOUR life is every bit as interesting, and you are welcome to share your stories here too. What I'm trying to do is put a finishing touch on all the posts I've made since 1995, and to share where this "Wisdom" or "stupidity" comes from. I'm using this chronolgy to show where the intersections of my life were, and which direction I went.

PSS. OH, if you have any QUESTIONS, now is the time to ask, I won't be answering my phone or email once I'm on the beach.

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