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March 25, 2009, 01:00 AM
You gotta be Smart, a little Frugal... Continually Saving for the Future...

Unfortunately, those ongoing Rainy days and Unknown problem Times can come up at a Moments notice and Zap you Big time... :(

Kinda a Sad story... But definitely Points for Not giving up... Definitely some Great lessons to learn...

Obviously Ken Karpman still got lotsa Smarts...

His excellent PR campaign and the Buzz he's getting in the Media is going to Land him some Nice up and coming Offers and Opportunities... Book deals etc. etc...

Although... Ken's sitting on a pile of Knowledge that he should be packaging, marketing and blogging about...

CEO 750,000 a year To 7,50 an hour pizza man

As suggested Many times before ... You gotta be Smart, a little Frugal... Continually Saving for the Future... ;)


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