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March 24, 2009, 11:52 AM
they may be the lowest grocery prices you'll ever see again.

Coming SOON: SHARP rises at the grocery store, double digit over last year's prices.

Will there be run on groceries? Yes. Only because there always is...when weather conditions dictate so...in FL during a Hurricane...in OK and "Tornado Alley" during tornado season (are we in for a long one this year?)...

In the Northeast when the lights go out for whatever reason.

"There's a bad moon on the rise." CCR And a coming food shortage due in part to weather, hoarding and taxes.

The powers that be are HOPING for, no COUNTING on some severe weather which will allow them to test their new "help" systems...new centers of protection...we don't want another New Orleans SUPERDOME on our hands...so we have a plan to give people a place to live...how sweet it is.

The reason you should keep this month's grocery bill is so you can see for yourself, the slow, then accelerated price hike in every grocery category you buy; breads and grains, cereal, meat, eggs, cheese, poultry and canned goods.

Across the board price hikes...which will soar when the credit card "crisis" hits the fan (Oh, they've been saving this one)...in the next 90 days.

Spring 09 is going to be a stormy time, tulmutuous weather, fewer acres planted...soaring food prices.

But that is the doom and gloom part...any good news? Great time to have a garden, reset your lifestyle to eliminate the foods that are killing you slowly (sugar, salt, yeast, chemicals)...and to attempt a more healthy lifestyle.

Good time to develop products that help people save/make money.

Good time to solidify or build your community links, uniting with other communities nearby with PRIVATE disaster plans.

The flooding of the Red River this week ushers in Spring 09.

Keep your grocery bills for the month of March, we can do some comparison shopping too. Will grocery stores begin to STOP accepting manufacture's coupons? We'll see.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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