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March 29, 2009, 04:05 AM
Hi Michael,

Excellent Find... Great to see that you're Digging through the news and the Best of the web...

Careful about telling people what you're Actually searching for... We just might have a New Hair do for you... :)

Interesting details on the preparation in selling Hair which could make for an intriguing Hotsheet and a Tie-in to Hair Trading...

Keep in mind... Most people Probably have No idea about Hair Trading and how to go about it... Misc. info products in multiple formats etc...

Bet there's Great marketplace Potential for brokering and managing all kinds of independent Hair related deals by using http://www.thehairtrader.com/

Just like Power Sellers using Multiple marketing tactics and methods with ebay...

On the Hair Trader, the record sale is a 37-inch dark-blond-with-red-highlights ponytail from the head of a girl in Wenatchee, Washington, for which she got $2,600.... Profit sharing in Hair could be a worthwhile investment... ;)

Maybe with a Marketing mix of Wigs, Hairpieces and current related Hair industry specialty products...

Some Quick brainstorming...

How to sell your hair for cash

13 How to ideas including... How to Sell Your Body... Legally... Interesting content assortment and take on things...


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