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April 9, 2009, 06:32 PM
I pop in on this forum every once in a while, if nothing else, just to get hit with a fresh dose of creativity. I am not a naturally creative type--pretty cut and dried.

Background: I am inexperienced as a salesperson, but need to try something now to help with some expensive funding opportunities that a couple of my kids have. One is going to do a Scouting trip to something called Boundary Waters in Canada/Minnesota this summer ($1,000) and another made a AAA hockey team last year and it blew us out of the water financially (over $9,000). The coach has already indicated he wants him back another year (age 16 now--Midget Minor). Camps are starting really quick.

I have access to a product (booklet of 16 restaurant coupons: BYBO free offers good once a month good through May 2010) with a high profit margin that I would like to try to figure out how to get into retail establishments to help sell them. The kids have done Door to door and it has worked but slowly because of limited to weekends when activity conflicts reduce opportunity.

So, I am thinking it would be great to get them into the retail arena, but am at a loss in how to approach it. I certainly want to do it in a way that is acceptable, but don't really know what that would be.

Should they be asked to participate based on a fundraising approach--trying to raise money for a cause (would they go for something so personal--not part of an organization, per se? Or, should they be approached from a business angle where they would get a portion of the sales--if so, what should that look like? Or, a combination of the two?

Am I even on the right track in trying to approach retail? Is there a better venue? I have tried flea markets, but without any success, even significantly discounting them.

If any of this strikes someone with a similar experience or applicable knowledge and would reply, I would be grateful

Thank you,


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