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April 11, 2009, 05:22 PM
Got this thing in the mail. Called Pocket Trader http://pockettrader.com.au/

It's the size of a normal sheet of paper folded in half. Printed on both sides and stapled in the middle.

The one I received had Sample Copy printed across the front and was 24 pages long (6 sheets of paper).

All advertising is Free and the thing is sold in local newsagents for $3. Which, compared to the other Trading Post http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Home which is tabloid newspaper size and paper, seems steep. BUT... the Trading Post is city wide. Which is to say, it does not cater to Locals like the Pocket Trader does.

In this sample copy many of the items were listed Very cheap. $1, $2, $5. Such as...

SANDWICH Press, Breville, cafe style, fair cond, $5 Ph: 0455 555 555

CRAFT Books, box of, $5 the lot. Ph: 555 5555

SHARK Tale, Scholastic Dreamworks, movie novel, gc $2. Ph: 0455 555 555

And so on. All real cheap stuff. And I puzzled over WHO would spend their time to be at home to meet potential buyers for the sake of $2 - or $5 for that matter. When it would be easier to take the darn things to an op shop and Donate it. And then I thought...

If you're launching a new trader publication WHERE do you get your first ads from? Why not give your free advertising to the local Op Shops - who do sell magazines for 50 cents and clothes for a few bucks each - as is seen advertised.

Also Canvas the local community newspapers and call other advertisers and Ask them if they would like to run their ad in your thing for Free. And call scout and girl guide groups and schools and offer them free ads too - let those groups announce the free ad publication in their newsletters as well.

COST: I figure at around 10 cents a sheet, six double sided sheets with stapling could cost anywhere from 70 cents to $1.50 depending on numbers. but say $1 for ease. So it would cost $1,000 to print 1,000 copies.

Newsagents standard fee for selling something is 25% of the cover price. Which is 75 cents. Taking the total cost of each unit to at least $1.75 - leaving just $1.25 profit.

If all copies are sold that leaves a $1,250 profit. Divide by 2 for the fortnightly publication date and you're left with $625 a week. Not a lot. BUT, as all ads are placed by fax, email or by message on machine, this is something that Could be run while holding down another job.

There are 43 distribution points listed. Meaning each point would get 23 copies out of the 1,000. Which may or may not sell that many at each point.

As this sample Copy was left in my mail box, this is considered Their Marketing. I don't know how many Boxes they did this with. But if it's $1 a copy, their marketing in this fashion could really add up - unless it's from left over copies not sold in newsagents with maybe just a cover page change.

This is like a small Buy/Sell Hotsheet but on Steroids.

And while this one is serving areas not covered well by the Trading Post mentioned earlier, I cannot see a reason why a small publication couldn't be made which just targeted Niches within the local area. Such as, I don't know, fishing gear for sale locally, in a hotsheet for like a $1 or something.

OH!... the back page has a Bar Code with ISSN numbers - issn numbers are free and some online services offer free bar code making - hunt around.

www.michaelrossonline.com (http://www.michaelrossonline.com/)

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