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April 11, 2009, 05:53 PM
While flicking through someone else's copy of the major daily newspaper on my way to find the comics, I stumbled upon a Full Page ad for a Weightloss Product. Taking the page I took a photo of it and turned it onto a PDF file for distribution - get it here http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/10/7/2133953/BodyWiseDietAd.pdf And you can see their website at www.bodytrim.com.au (it has auto audio)

Anyway. Apart from being an Example of making an ad look like an article and the like, I noticed some odd wording in the ad. It starts at the bottom of column 3...

"The truth is, no matter how much you exercise to burn fat, 90% of your weightloss success comes down to what you eat and simple basic movement (walking). Not strenuous exercise."

The entire ad is interesting to take notice of. But this part in particular for several reasons...

It starts with "The truth is" which automatically suggests that what follows is the truth. Other techniques include using the word FACT, followed by something.

The 90% claim is unsubstantiated. Seems to be pulled out of thin air.

The term "Strenuous exercise" is not defined or given an example of. So the reader will insert their own interpretation of what Strenuous Exercise is.

Simple basic movement - such as walking - is a form of Physical Activity, or to use another word... Exercise. So to keep with the same terms the sentence means....

No matter how much you exercise, 90% of your weightloss comes down to what you eat and exercise, not strenuous exercise.

Of course, when said like this it's odd. And he'd have been better off exchanging Strenuous Exercise for Pumping weights at the gym. As that could be more Clear and truthful. That "yes, weightloss is a combination of what you eat and Aerobic Activity (walking, jogging, bicycle riding, swimming, skipping rope, squash, tennis, etc.) not Anaerobic Activity (pumping weights). But then he'd not be able to Convince people to any Breakthrough stuff from him. And he'd not be as able to convince you to buy his protein powder or go on his high protein diet.

Of course, the "I lost 10kg in 11 weeks" claim by so-called celebrity AJ Cook (pictured in a bikini in the ad) is nothing spectacular. Heck, stop eating, bread, salt and sugar and just eat a basic diet of fruit, veg and meat without condiments and most overweight people will lose likewise - and more. But then I am skeptical like that.

Anyway. Have a look at the ad and see how many Unbacked Claims and Legitimizing Claims (the program was created by a medical doctor, etc.) it uses.

www.michaelrossonline.com (http://www.michaelrossonline.com/)

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