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April 20, 2009, 11:47 AM
Re: My 1-hour audio cd info product that I want to send to media, ezines, blogs and hopefully get them to REVIEW it for their readers.

What should I write for the cover letter? Should it be very short, like: "Here's a copy of my new audio CD, "[name of cd]." The information is designed to help [people in niche] [benefit]. Please listen to it and if you feel it would be of value to our readers, please review it in an upcoming [column, ezine, blog].

Thank you for your consideration.


Or, should the cover letter have bullet points of what's covered in the CD and all sorts of other info (ie: a long copy cover letter)? If so, what should the cover letter cover?


-- TW

PS: Since this is a physical product (actual CD), it (and the cover letter) will be snail mailed.

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